Title Design

Mark is the consummate professional. His work on the Ten Year Old Tom main titles was AMAZING! He provided multiple options and could pivot at a moments notice without missing a beat. He did it all, soup to nuts, and it was very impressive to witness.
~ Ryan Quincy, Co-Executive Producer and Animation Director on 'Ten Year Old Tom' (HBO Max)

Selected Works

My pathway into title design & animation began on the FX series Archer. For the shows fifth season, episodes 2 through 13 would be known as Archer: Vice and required a whole new title sequence to match the shows exciting new direction. I had the good fortune of being the only motion designer in the studio, so the task of remaking it fell onto my lap.

The original Archer title sequence was created by the Art Director as a rough placeholder for the pilot episode, but to his endless dismay it stuck around for four seasons. Before I tackled Archer: Vice, I pitched a bold plan of making a polished version of original title sequence from the ground up. The idea was that we would use it for the first episode of season five, then as a solid foundation for Archer: Vice and future re-designs. It was gamble as I would now be faced with creating two title sequences with no additional time or resources. Ultimately, the gamble paid off and I would play a key role in re-designing the title sequence for each subsequent season. My work in this field has been featured in Art Of The Title and pop culture outlet Uproxx.