Mark is an exceptional motion graphics designer, a naturally gifted animator, and an all-round creative innovator. His groundbreaking work in Transmedia Storytelling expanded the Archer universe and won a string of top-tier industry awards.
~ Matt Thompson, Executive Producer on 'Archer' (FX Networks)

Selected Works

I thrive when let loose on the full creative process – from research, to development, to production, to promotion. In addition to making the pixels dance, I've constantly been relied upon to put forth my vision for the project and see it through to completion.

My all-round expertise in the tools of the trade is coupled with a solid liberal arts background from one of England’s leading universities, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with First Class Honours. My education and subsequent experience has bolstered an intuitive grasp of composition, timing, typography, and colour theory, along with a meticulous, pixel perfect attention to detail.

I was director of a small team that won back to back Emmy Awards for the Archer Scavenger Hunt series, along with two Clio Gold Awards and a Webby nomination for the Archer, P.I. game. Freelance has made me highly adept at flying solo, but I relish collaboration and the thrill of bouncing ideas back and forth as part of a team to reach a place we couldn’t have arrived at alone.